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  • Confidence?

    50% of women will experience urinary incontinence at some point in their lives, but physiotherapy is extremely effective in treating it. What would you gain from better bladder control?

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  • Are you taking care of yourself?

    We know you take great care of your kids, but are you taking great care of yourself? Imagine how satisfying it would feel if you could run, jump and play easily with your kids. How much more fun could you have?

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  • Freedom

    What would you do if your body wasn't holding you back?

    You can move better.
    You can function better.
    You can feel better.
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  • Are You Prepared?

    Your baby is on its way! Naturally you are excited, and maybe a little nervous. Have you thought about how to prepare your body physically for the journey into motherhood?

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Be nurtured

Women today need to be nurtured. Despite many modern technologies and time-saving conveniences, it seems like we are busier than ever!

Women wear many hats and play many roles, whether it’s with their family, with friends, professionally, or in a multitude of other ways. In some respects, we are the caretakers of the world—we somehow make time to take care of everyone and everything around us. Now its time to take care of YOU. Let yourself be nurtured.

Move well and feel good

In order to keep up with the busy pace of modern life, your body needs to move well and feel good. Are you working at your maximum level of physical function?

Nurture Her offers a wide range of physiotherapy services to meet all your needs, so take the time you need to feel good in your body.

Physiotherapy Services

Especially for women

Let Nurture Her be your expert guide on the path to discovering optimal movement and physical function.

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Birth Better Classes

Physical Preparation for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Get to know your individual pelvic anatomy and how to optimize your body for birth.

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