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Nurture Her


Lower Your High Beams Please!

  One more quick post on posture and then next week we’ll move on. 😉 Upon first glance this posture might look like a good one… but it’s not ideal! In an attempt to get my shoulders back over my hips and “stand tall”, I have thrust my rib cage forward and up.  It helps […]

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Hanging Out

  If you are a habitual hanger like me, then this post is for you.   Like I mentioned before, this posture is not optimal because it brings your body’s centre of mass out over your feet instead of over your heel and that can put unnecessary stress on the soft tissues of your arches. […]

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Nurture Your Posture Part 2!

  Okay, remember that posture plum line we talked about a couple of days ago? (In case you missed it, you can catch up here).  Well, its time to look at some subtle nuances in that “line” so you can start to figure out what patterns you might have. I spend all day at the […]

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Nurture Your Posture

I have a soft spot for biomechanics. Actually, I consider myself a bit of a backyard biomechanist – I dabble in it because I really like it, kind of like my gardening. I always liked physics and math in highschool, but I was first introduced to the field of biomechanics when I was doing my […]

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