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The Ligaments Of The Uterus

  SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO In today’s Minute With Mandy I’m bringing you some geeky anatomy info on the LIGAMENTS OF THE UTERUS.  Why?  Because the uterus is SUPER 😍 😍 😍 and we should all know more about it! Yes, the uterus is super – but the uterine ligaments are also super.  They are directly involved in […]

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Perineal Massage

The Ultimate Video Tutorial   Many, many women come to see me with questions about PERINEAL MASSAGE…   HOW DO I DO IT? HOW OFTEN DO I DO IT? DO I REALLY NEED TO DO IT? SHOULD MY PARTNER HELP? WHAT DOES THE RESEARCH SAY? These are all fantastic questions that deserve answers!  And after […]

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What Is Diastasis Recti and Do You Have One?

    Diastasis recti simplified: it’s a separation or gap between your abdominal muscles.   Technically speaking, there is a complex line of connective tissue that connects the left and right sides of your abdominal muscles and it’s known as the linea alba.  The line alba runs from xyphoid process at the bottom of your […]

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Poopy, Poop, Poop, Poop!

Today I am going to talk about poop.  Well, actually I am going to talk about the verb –  to poop, or pooping. Didn’t you have to suppress a giggle when you read the word pooping? I did. 😉 But then, I always did find potty humour funny. (And it’s a good thing too because […]

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Birth Prep Tip #2 – Part 1

Find Symmetry In Your Pelvis   My second birth prep tip is going to come out in 2 parts.  We have to talk a bit more pelvic anatomy and birth physiology before I can give you some tips on what to do! Let’s start by talking a little bit about the actual “birth” process and […]

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Lovely Lady Lumps!

My hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps… Um, ya – thanks Fergie… Nevertheless – if you are a lady, you have some special anatomy! So I thought my first blog post should highlight some of what physically makes a woman’s body different from a man’s.  Many of these differences are the very things that […]

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