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Diastasis Recti

My Core: Trials and Tribulations

My stakes in this game are also about to sky-rocket because next week I’m having my diastasis surgically repaired (it was supposed to be last week, but that’s another story…).  Recovery from this kind of muscle repair will be no small act.

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What’s The Best Way To Lift The Carseat?

In today’s Minute With Mandy I’m bringing you tips on HOW TO LIFT THE BUCKET CARSEAT.  Is there really a good way to lift these things? There are 3 tips in the video below, but the biggest take home message is that VARIETY IS QUEEN!  Mix it up and use your muscles.  Motherhood requires strength, […]

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Since becoming a mother, do you feel: stronger, weaker, or the same?

A friend and personal trainer I know (shout out to Jessie Mundell!) recently asked this question on her facebook page…   And the instant I saw it, without any hesitation at all, the answer just screamed at me: WEAKER. DEFINITELY WEAKER. Definitely worse.   And after the clarity that came in that quick forthcoming answer, […]

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What Is Diastasis Recti and Do You Have One?

    Diastasis recti simplified: it’s a separation or gap between your abdominal muscles.   Technically speaking, there is a complex line of connective tissue that connects the left and right sides of your abdominal muscles and it’s known as the linea alba.  The line alba runs from xyphoid process at the bottom of your […]

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