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Pelvic Girdle Pain

The Blossom Breath

Feeling stress or tension in your pelvic floor? Try 10 deep blossom breaths, any time – any position – anywhere! Let the tension go….. Try the video below. For a challenge, aim to make your inhales and exhales each 5 counts long.

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Do You Really Need A Pregnancy Pillow? How To Sleep When You Have Pain In Pregnancy

In today’s Minute With Mandy I’m bringing you tips on HOW TO SLEEP if you are experiencing pain during pregnancy.  This is also great info if you generally want to be more comfortable in pregnancy – even if you don’t have pain! Like I mentioned in the last blog post (you can find all the […]

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Channeling Your Inner Cowgirl: How To Sit When You Have Pain During Pregnancy

In today’s Minute With Mandy I’m bringing you an awesome tip on HOW TO SIT if you are experiencing pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy.  (Note: the pelvic girdle basically refers to anywhere between your ribs and your hips, so I’m talking about pain anywhere in that area). Pain can be common in pregnancy, but you […]

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