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Nurture Her


Since becoming a mother, do you feel: stronger, weaker, or the same?

A friend and personal trainer I know (shout out to Jessie Mundell!) recently asked this question on her facebook page…   And the instant I saw it, without any hesitation at all, the answer just screamed at me: WEAKER. DEFINITELY WEAKER. Definitely worse.   And after the clarity that came in that quick forthcoming answer, […]

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I’m BACK!!!!!!!

  I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!! Yes, despite a year-long absence from the blog, I am happy to report that I am BACK! (Can I be cliché and say “back, and better than ever”? 😉 )   My life is indeed headed in a new direction, and I am very excited to report that Nurture Her is going […]

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