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Birth Prep Tip #2 – Part 2

Find Symmetry in your Pelvis I have to laugh as I write this because I am taking a break from fixing my washing machine. I am literally sitting in my kitchen surrounded by various hoses and panels and other washing machine parts.  Unfortunately, something sprouted a leak last week and flooded our main floor laundry […]

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Birth Prep Tip #2 – Part 1

Find Symmetry In Your Pelvis   My second birth prep tip is going to come out in 2 parts.  We have to talk a bit more pelvic anatomy and birth physiology before I can give you some tips on what to do! Let’s start by talking a little bit about the actual “birth” process and […]

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Birth Prep Tip #1

Cultivating Mindful Awareness in your Pelvic Floor My first birth prep tip has to do with the mind-body connection. Yes, the connection is real!  And yes, you can use it and train it! And even though this post is written particularly for pregnant ladies, I actually think all women can benefit from this connection. Many […]

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Be Prepared For Birth

  I’m going to switch gears from posture for a little while and talk birth.  The next little series of posts will be about pregnancy and delivery since I happen to know a lot of mommies-to-be at the moment! Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is? Read on! The delivery of my […]

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