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Birth Better: The Ultimate Course To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy and Birth

What if you could shorten your labour?

What if you could reduce your likelihood of needing forceps or vacuum by 25%?

What if you knew scientifically proven techniques to reduce pain intensity?


Congratulations - you're pregnant! 

You’re navigating through all the ups and down of pregnancy. You’re body is changing in incredible ways as it grows this tiny and amazing new little person!

But are you prepared for the physical changes that are ahead and what they might mean for your body during both pregnancy and birth? 

Are you prepared for the physical challenges of birth? 

Unfortunately, most pregnant women have heard some terrible (but true!) stories about the process of labour and birth - sometimes from stangers, but often from friends and family. Despite being one of the most momentous and transformative events in a woman's life, birth can be a very challenging time.

BUT - what if you knew all the tips, techniques and skills that could hugely improve your birth experience?

"Because of the work you guided me through, I was able to give birth to my daughter naturally and mindfully. This birth experience was a dream come true and I want to thank you for helping me achieve it." -RK

FORTUNATELY, there are many great tools, tips and skills that you can learn:

  • to stay strong safely during pregnancy
  • to help protect your core and pelvic floor
  • to prepare physically for possibly the biggest transformation in a woman’s life: birth

This online course is designed to give you the knowledge and the hands-on practical skills you need to build your confidence and prepare for the birth of your baby. Although birth can at times be unpredictable, when armed with the best tools you will be able to make the most of every situation. 

My name is Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio, and I am a physiotherapist, birth doula, and the creator of the Birth Better childbirth preparation series. Within this course I will share with you all the best tools and exercises that many of my physiotherapy clients have found to be the most useful. In addition, you will benefit from learning wisdom that has been passed on through hundreds of generations of birthing women, AND what the most recent science supports for the best physical practices around birth. It really is the best of both worlds!


Learn how to shorten your labour, how to decrease your pain intensity during labour, and how to decrease your risk of perineal injury!

Normal price: $150  

Your price: $99  

The in-person version of this class has sold out every time its been taught in the last 2 years!  

This amazing course has 4 video lectures and 20 activity and skill instructional videos.  

Read on for a look at what I'll teach you.

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Pelvic Anatomy And Pregnancy Prepapration 

In this lesson, we’ll take the time to get comfortable with some anatomy of the pelvis, and we’ll cover the best things you can do during pregnancy to help prepare your body specifically for birth. This includes an introduction to squatting and breathing!


More Pelvic Anatomy And Getting Ready For Labour  

In this lesson, we’ll continue to get comfortable with pelvic anatomy but we will also start talking about LABOUR! As you progress in working with your own body, you will also learn your first tools for protecting the pelvic floor, more breathing techniques, and all about perineal massage.


Everything You Need To Know For Labour  

It’s time to grab your partners! The next two lessons have lots of good info for a woman preparing for birth, but also for her partner – dad, doula, mother, friend, whoever! In this lesson, we will go into detail about a variety of different comfort measures and pain relieving techniques to use during labour. We’ll cover hands-on skills, and start looking at all kinds of different birthing positions and what helps shorten labour.


Everything You Need To Know To Birth Your Baby 

In this lesson we will continue our discussion of comfort measures, and then switch gears a little to talk about stage 2 labour or the event of BIRTH itself! The info you will find here is packed with useful tips on how to protect the pelvic floor, how to push, more birthing positions, and some hints for the early postpartum period too.


Move through all 4 modules at your own pace, in the comfort of you own home, and when it's convenient for you and your partner!

Normal price: $150  

Your price: $99  

What people are saying...

"Your curriculum was both inspirational and practical for myself and my husband. Many of the strategies you presented contributed to my successful VBAC in February 2017." -EC

"The course was incredibly helpful and really helped calm my nerves about the labour process." -TK 

"A fabulous class all around. Very helpful and informative, thank you! I particularly enjoyed the birthing positions." -LB

"I really liked learning about the different things my partner can do to help." -SC

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Will this course help me if I am planning a hospital birth? What about if I'm planning a home birth?

A: Yes! Birth Better is designed to help women prepare to birth in ANY setting, with any type of care provider.

Q: Will this course still be useful if I'm planning to get an epidural or other pain medication?

A: Even though Birth Better comes complete with a number of different techniques for pain relief and to increase comfort, it also has a ton of other information to help you - including how to optimize all different birthing positions and tips on how to push.

Q: I'm a first time mom, will this course help me? What if I'm a second/third/fourth/etc. mom?

A: Birth Better is essential learning for a first time mom! However, even if you've had a baby you will still benefit from learning how to protect your core and pelvic floor. This course was also designed for moms who have had previous trauma or negative physical outcomes from birth (ex. perinear tearing, pelvic organ prolapse, etc.) and who are looking for more options and better ways to birth subsequent babies.

Q: I'm planning a VBAC, can this course help me?  

A: Yes! Birth Better goes into detail about all the stages and phases of labour so that you clearly understand the processes that your body and pelvis will go through. It also covers birthing positions and techniques to help babies find their way through the twists and turns of the birth canal.

Q: Will this course teach me everything I need to know about my baby?

A: NO. Birth Better focuses on pregnancy, labour, birth and maternal health (you can't have healthy and strong families without healthy and strong mothers!); however, it does not cover infant care, breastfeeding, etc.


Prepare for the physical challenges ahead so that you can have an empowered birth.

Normal price: $150  

Your price: $99  

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