Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth:

Perineal Stretching and Massage: The Ultimate Tutorial 

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"I'm having a baby... should I do perineal massage? If so, how do I do it??" If you've ever asked these questions, this video was designed just for you.

Do you want to decrease your risk of perineal injury?

This Free Video Will Show You...

  • IF YOU should do perineal massage 
  • How EXACTLY to do perineal massage during pregnancy to decrease your risk of perineal injury, build body awareness and establish your pelvic floor baseline
  • How OFTEN to do it
  •  WHY to do it AND WHERE to do it

In this 20 minute mini masterclass, you will all get ALL THE DETAILS on perineal massage during pregnancy, taught by a pelvic floor physiotherapist and birth doula

Great for moms and birth professionals! Watch it with your partner, or even with kids around (no nudity!)